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  • c.mank - Views #12 - 2015 - 15,75 x 11,81 inch - crayon/ stencil spraypaint on canvas - Ministry Of Walls - Streetart Gallery - The urban artbroker

c.mank Views #12


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ARTIST: c.mank

YEAR: 2015

TITLE: Views #12

MEDIUM: Crayon/Acrylic/ Stencil Spraypaint on Canvas

SIZE: 40 x 30 cm (15.75 x 11.81 inch)




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Product Description

c.mank – Views #12
c.mank is a German artist best known from her Pan-Plastic, the plastic mash-up series of 9 variants of the same work in 9 variants – all depicting Pan. It’s a form of a character from an existing image (“oil bath” – 2010) digitally extracted and transferred to trimmed Plexiglas stencil with acrylic paints.

A Knopfdruck (Button) is a series of the same work, only this time Camille Mank photographed Pan with various filters to create a powerful visual change.

c.mank ’s other series titled X-ray indicates the very topic of this print edition. A completed work was processed all over again, by illuminating with X rays, giving a viewer a special monitoring aesthetics. All images of the X Ray edition are unique pieces.

Camille Mank lives and works in Cologne, but she is active both on the local and international market.

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