Inkie is a London based painter and street artist from Clifton, Bristol. He is cited as being part of Bristol’s graffiti heritage, along with Banksy, 3D and Nick Walker. His style draws on art nouveau influences with an urban twist.

Living in the town of Bristol he was a member of Crime Inc. Crew alongside 3D of Massive Attack fame and Nick Walker ‘aka’ Apish Angel and painted his first wildstyle in the summer of 1984. He came 2nd in the World Street Art championships in 1989 against fierce competiton from LA, New York and all the major European countries. but later that year was arrested along with 72 other writers as the ‘Kingpin’ in the UK’s largest ever Graffiti bust Operation Anderson.

In the late 1990’s he moved to London at the same time as fellow Bristolian & graffiti cohorts Banksy & Will Barras has since worked as a leading graphic designer in the video game industry as well as continuing to contribute to the UK graffiti scene. He is also responsible for Europe’s largest permanent urban art project, See No Evil. A far cry from 1989 and his days of being arrested for his graffiti, these days Bingle can claim to be the first and only street artist to paint inside the UK’s Houses of Parliament.

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