David Uessem Art

Yesterday we had a look at David Uessem´s atelier in Gummersbach. Fantastic Artist. Fantastic Work.

We could order three wonderful artworks for the Art Basel Miami Scope. Ministry of Walls will show this David Uessem works first time in USA. Ministry of Walls  is also the first Gallery,  who bring David Uessem Artworks to an exhibition in the United States.

 David Uessem was born in 1981 and lives and works in Oberberg circle. He is a talented illustrator and has done courses in paintings and graphics. He mixes acrylic and oil techniques in his artwork. That´s makes his paintings so awesome as you will see in this post. He is also specialized in portrait and figurative painting and his artworks have been shown last year in several famous exhibitions and will be presented again this year. David Uessem Art is highly collectible.
You will find David Uessem works on canvas also in our Shop: https://ministryofwalls.grundstein-art.com/shop-2/
Ministry of Walls Street Art Gallery – The Urban Art Broker  in August 2015


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