SammelBar – Ministry of Walls in colaboration with KUS Kulturspäti

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The Ministry of Walls Street Art Gallery presented, in collaboration with the KUS Kulturspäti, the SammelBar. It celebrated its vernissage on 12.04 this year in the rooms of the KUS Kulturspäti. Art lovers, potential buyers and sellers met and spent a pleasant time together with a large number of artists and their [...]

Der neue Otto Schade Druck „Who´s Next“

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Who's Next. The new Otto Schade Print is here. Something unfamiliar, something different than usual in the complete new style. But a must have because it is the first. We have secured a few. A fantastic print in the usual perfect Otto Schade quality. In a 50s edition. The dimensions are 60 x 37 [...]

Das neue Nick Walker Amour Plated Kunstwerk

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Nick Walker Amour Plated Unsere neuesten Arbeiten im März stammen von Nick Walker "Amour plated". Es ist ein fantastischer Kunstdruck auf 1/2 "nachhaltiger Birkenholz, hellweiß. Es ist eine 40 Edition. Die Größe ist 24 "x 24". Wir konnten uns drei Stücke der vierzig sichern. Nick ist ein wirklich fantastischer Künstler. Wir haben ihn auf [...]

Neustes Kunstwerk von Otto Schade. Who the F… Don Quixote

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Neustes Kunstwerk from Otto Schade. Who the F…. Heute präsentieren wir Ihnen das neuste Werk von Otto Schade. WTF Don Quixote Black YOGW Glittered. Heute erreichten uns die ersten der vier unterschiedliche Werke. Sichern Sie sich direkt Ihr persönliches Werk für Ihre Sammlung. Alle Werke sind Einzelstück zu einem unschlagbar günstigen Preis in dieser [...]

Our new Cosmo Sarson „Breakdancing Jesus on water“

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Ministry of Walls Street Art Gallery´s newest art work. Our new Cosmo Sarsons "Breakdancing Jesus on water" Newly created by Cosmo Sarson. Brand new. Cosmo made this blue "breakdancing jesus on water" for us. We are so excited about this fantastic work. We will show it for the first time in Miami at the Scope [...]

Ministry of Walls visits Cosmo Sarsons atelier in East London

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Ministry of Walls visited Cosmo Sarsons atelier in East London     British artist Cosmo Sarson hit the headlines with his giant 28ft mural of Jesus breakdancing, created with over 1 kilo of gold glitter on a prestigious Bristol wall. Cosmo studied fine art painting at The Byam Shaw School of Art, achieving early success as [...]

Ministry of Walls goes to Dismaland

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Next week we go to Banksy´s Dismaland and get in touch with more artist´s - Great week for Ministry of Walls. Dismaland is a temporary art project organised by street artist Banksy, constructed in the seaside resort town of Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England. Prepared in secret, the pop-up exhibition at the Tropicana, a disused [...]

David Uessem Art in touch Ministry of Walls

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  David Uessem Art Yesterday we had a look at David Uessem´s atelier in Gummersbach. Fantastic Artist. Fantastic Work. We could order three wonderful artworks for the Art Basel Miami Scope. Ministry of Walls will show this David Uessem works first time in USA. Ministry of Walls  is also the first Gallery,  who bring [...]

Blek le Rat Edition Man who walks through walls is in the Gallery

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BLEK LE RAT Edition Ministry of Walls Street Art Gallery currently offer a fantastic Blek le Rat "Man who walks through walls" Blek le Rat was born as Xavier Prou in Paris in France (1951). A pioneer of graffiti writers in Europe. He was one of the first to use stencils for creating icons instead of writing [...]