Ministry of Walls Street Art Gallery´s newest art work. Our new Cosmo Sarsons “Breakdancing Jesus on water”

Newly created by Cosmo Sarson. Brand new. Cosmo made this blue “breakdancing jesus on water” for us. We are so excited about this fantastic work. We will show it for the first time in Miami at the Scope in December. A Big Thanks to Cosmo for this work in a effervescent blue color. Ministry of Walls Cologne – The Urban Art Broker.

COSMO SARSON is a british artist. The idea of Breakdancing Jesus came from an old newspaper cutting he cut out and kept in the back of his wallet for years before he finally got round to painting the thing. It has inspired a number of drawings and paintings and culminated in a large scale mural in Bristol.
It’s based on an actual event when a Polish youth group breakdanced for Pope John Paul II in the vatican.
Francis Bacon has also been an obvious reference, in particular his “Screaming Pope’ painting based on a portrait by Velasquez, which I have appropriated, as well as looking at his other work when Cosmo was breaking down some of the dance moves.

Cosmo Sarson has his Atelier in the East of London. It was a interesting day to visit Cosmo Sarson. We saw a lot of fantastic Art Works. On of the finest art works ist the breakdancing jesus on water in blue.

You can see more of Cosmor Sarson on his Homepage

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