Annahita Hessami was already very interested in artistic expression at a young age. She looked for any kind of art-related teaching at school. Following this, with two degrees in fashion design from the London College of Fashion and surface design from the London College of Printing, her views and perspectives expanded.

After several years of employment, she bravely decided to start her own business. The operation of Cut Glass Studio gave her the chance to express herself artistically and create stained glass.

She collaborated with several other artists, some of them generally unrelated to the medium (including Beau Stanton and Pure Evil). The practice of Annahita Hessami, which focuses on the medium of glass painting, refers not only to the hard technical details. It also deals with the beautiful visual effects of the old craft. She explains that the technique has barely changed since its application in the Middle Ages. She combines it with her artistic vision and brings it together in a contemporary, modern environment.

To date, Hessami has created a range of stunning utensils. In addition, her most recent work includes replicas of emojis from stained glass such as LMFAO, KISS and LOVE, which represent contemporary craftsmanship and back.


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