Charles Krafft is a self-taught artist based in Seattle, Washington. Moreover, he works in the Delft ceramic tradition. In the early 90’s, he began a series of socio-political catastrophes, based on found porcelain plates called Disasterware™.

His work:

Krafft replaced human ball-polished crematorium ashes for Spodes’ proportion of calcined cow bone in his clay body, resulting in a product he calls SPONE.
After that, he launched this idea in 2003 at the performance exhibition “Ring of Spone” at the Arthur A. Wright Chapel Columbarium on Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Seattle. In consultation with friends and relatives of the deceased, he continues to create unique, personalized memorabilia on a commission basis.

Krafft’s main technique is the slip casting of porcelain and earthenware, which is fired at high temperatures. These sculptural objects are then hand-painted and glazed or decorated with ceramic transfer stickers before the last firing. This process, which is based on Dutch delft and Italian majolica traditions, leads to works of art that are both seductive and grotesque. But, he is on display in galleries and museums around the world.

Charles Kraffts – Hand Grenade and also Charles Kraffts – AK47 are available at Ministry of Walls.


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