David Uessem

/David Uessem

David Uessem was born in 1981, he lives and works in Oberberg circle near Cologne. David Uessem is a talented illustrator and have done courses in paintings and graphics. He mixes acrylic and oil techniques for his artwork, which makes his paintings so awesome as you will see in this post. Artist is specialized in portrait and figurative painting and his artwork have been shown last year in several famous exhibitions and will be presented again this year.

The most striking things in Uessem’s large-scale portraits are the expressions of his subjects, almost always look at the viewer straight in the eyes, as if they are going to share their moods and emotions.

At smallest movements of the face can be seen a lot about the emotional state of people. While some of depicted characters act thoughtful or sad, others are ambivalent, showing melancholy or angry. The texture is as palpable as the complexity that is usually found in the eyes of his subjects.

Photorealistic Paintings by the artist. Thought he first studied illustration, David Uessem devoted himself to painting, focusing on portraiture and figurative paintings. Mixing acrylic and oil techniques in his artworks, Uessem creates meticulously detailed paintings that look like a high-resolution photographs. His subjects look as though they are about to step out of his large-scale canvases and become a part of the real world.