The qualified media designer and graphic designer likes to provoke and polarize, especially with his art. Daniele Fuggiano, also known as “Fuggi”, was born and raised in Cologne’s southern city. He already liked painting in kindergarten and his role models are Michelangelo and Salvador Dalí. After secondary school he began an apprenticeship, but was soon fired by two companies. He then began an apprenticeship as a graphic designer and successfully completed it. Since then he has been working as a freelancer.
In his spare time Fuggi is very fit and likes to play football.

In November 2016, Daniele had an exhibition at the Brick Lane Gallery in London. His works of art are mainly pencil drawings. Besides he illustrates a lot with oil paints.
Fuggi has also published his own fashion collection (Legends Collection). He designs hoodies and t-shirts in hip-hop style.
His greatest success so far, however, is based on Instagram. After he published a drawing of Snoop Dogg, he liked his picture and even shared it twice.


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