Inkie is part of Bristol’s graffiti legacy along with Banksy, 3D and Nick Walker. He is popular for connecting Art Nouveau styles with an urban touch. In addition to creating Street Art, he has also worked as a designer for a number of well-known game companies. He also designs illustrations, prints and clothing. His influences come from a variety of sources, including punk rock culture, Mayan architecture and Islamic geometry.

The Beginning:

The artist was originally from Clifton, Bristol. There he began his artistic career in the early 1980s as a member of the Crime Incorporated Crew (CIC) together with Felix and Joe Braun. For Inkie, graffiti is a challenge that always leads him to do something better. Thus, as he says in an interview, street art makes his writings and bold symbolic images tangible. Large-format, colorful and unique paintings were shown on the city walls, inspired by crystals. In 1989 the artist took part in the World Street Art Championship. There he took second place against strong enemies from all over Europe and the USA. But.

In 1989, the highly talented artist was named king of Operation Anderson, Britain’s largest graffiti bust of all time, for which he was arrested along with 72 other writers. In the 90’s he moved to London where he worked with the legendary Banksy. There he took part in various projects, such as the Walls on Fire event in 1998. But.


His art was published in the magazines “Graphotism” and “Dazed & Confused”. He teaches art and graphic design for children and students. Nevertheless, he remains loyal to his paintings of the Ink Nouveau Ladies and brings his own jewellery to market. Inkies artworks are part of the collections of Robbie Williams, Jade Jagger, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers and many more. He has had exhibitions in Ibiza, Barcelona, Lisbon and Warsaw, to name a few.


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