Innerfields is a partnership of three artists living in Berlin. They like to reflect the places where they create murals. The trio also explores the relationship between people and modern spaces.

Jakob Tory Bardou, Holger Weißflog and Veit Tempich are three German street artists working together under the name Innerfields. Innerfields is a highly recognized collaboration known for the skill of its members in creating exciting murals. The three artists work together and have learned to trust the experience of a decade of painting on different urban surfaces. They can work together to make the most of a common artistic language that has grown out of their passionate expression.

The trio behind Innerfields

All three Innerfields artists were born and raised in Berlin. Berlin is also the capital, which today plays the role of their endless canvas. They grew up with graffiti and saw numerous urban styles. The three developed individual styles that have united since the founding of the trio in 1998. Since then, Jakob Tory Bardou, Holger Weißflog and Veit Tempich have been fond of their surroundings. The results are usually somewhat figurative images in a realistic style, mixed with different graphic elements and symbols. In addition, Innerfields is a very international group in terms of the places they work. They have worked all over Germany, Rome, Tel Aviv, Kiev, etc..

Innerfields’ creative focus is on the relationship between people and technology. As well as the fragile bond that humanity shares with the nature around it. Humanity is a large part of nature, both in a positive and a negative context. Innerfields therefore treats human figures in her work because they are generally interested in nature. A good example of this is Fischernetz, a large Hamburg piece. It shows a huge fisherman tattooed with social media logos in the backyard of an advertising agency. The mural is a sign for the surroundings and the taste of the old Hamburg school harbour. Today it is filled with the aggressive modern industries.


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