L.E.T. is a German-French contemporary artist based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Beginning with stencils in the early 90s, he experiments with graphics, sprayed writings or pictures on posters or walls. The nickname L.E.T. stands for Les Enfants Terribles, traditionally called outsiders and eccentric people from art circles. Furthermore, L.E.T. belongs to the early German street art movement and is still active on the street today, forming the image of his hometown of Düsseldorf. He sprayed his motifs on paper and inscribed them as sections all over the city.

L.E.T. is inspired by the well-known works, which he interprets in his very own way. In addition, he prefers a similar way of dealing with the theme of his art. His focus is on design, which has a strong symbolic power. Consequently, he uses different elements from other well-known works. He gives them a new meaning in his works, or the ideas of his colleagues develop further.

L.E.T.’s technique and visual language are also similar to the street art classics. These parallels in his expression are a conscious homage. In this way he enters into a dialogue with other street artists. Black and white figures, which are given a new meaning by colored highlights, the smooth forms of his graphics and typographic works. Creations with a typical naturalistic look are the elements that characterize his art and make it attractive and exciting for the viewer. Moreover, L.E.T.’s art is full of social critique and uncovers the shame of today’s society based on consumption and hunger for wellbeing.


L.E.T.’s art career is characterized by group exhibitions and street art conventions around the world. For this work he prefers media such as canvas, cardboard and wood that are suitable for a gallery. He has exhibited all over Germany. Like in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin. Moreover he presented his work in Philadelphia, Milan, London and Los Angeles as well as on several online platforms.

L.E.T. currently lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.


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