Lora Zombie was born in 1990 in a small town in Voronezh, Russia, and began her career almost completely online. Through different blogs and social networking sites, her lively and unique grunge-style paintings reached millions of people. Lora was first noticed through her portraits of the band members of Gorillaz. Her great muse, as Lora herself said, is music. Many of her artwork are inspired by songs and lyrics from her favorite bands. After that, she continued to create drawings of her favorite musicians and bands. She has recently made a series of paintings dedicated to one of the most important figures in a grunge scene, Kurt Cobain.

Her work:

As a self-described grunge artist, Lora Zombie’s raw brand style is already unique. Her great sense of colour allows her to create intuitive, impulsive drawings. Watercolours with chaotic orientation and vibrant colours, combined with carefully and accurately pen work. With her keen eye for beauty, Lora uses these bleeding, playful watercolors to illustrate pop culture themes.

Many of Lora Zombie’s works carry a social commentary and a message behind them, the artist’s reflection, thought and vision. Lora’s paintings, which focus on problems such as climate change, war and poverty, often show her social and political consciousness. The courageous use of heavy watercolors creates a childlike, caricature-like style that strongly stands out from confronted motifs, often combined with a humorous touch.


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