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Wolfgang Krell is a German street artist who is painting mostly on canvas and walls, using a lot of different techniques. His works on large scale surfaces with acrylic, spray cans, charcoal and brushes. His writer name is Cole TWS.

He was born in Dortmund, Germany. From 2001 to 2003 Wolfgang Krell  has completed a further education for art teachers in the University of Applied Sciences in his home town.

Krell has his roots in the graffiti art. He produces his first pieces of art in 1983. Since those days he has explored the possibilities of the material spray paint and presented his works in many solo and group exhibitions.

In Wolfgang Krells latest work, he experimented with a mixture of stencils and spray paint, acrylic and pencil. Weapons are a recurring theme in his painting.

His credo is to tell stories or just move things into the right light. The stories Krell tells are mostly positive.  His dream is to go around in a little space. Capsule and spray space satellites, space shuttles and other technologies of the outer space inventory. Wolfgang Krell lives and works in Dortmund.