Zalez – This Boots are made to walk

Zalez is a multidisciplinary artist who breaks codes and galvanizes your thought!
After studies of Design, Architecture and finally School of Fine Arts, he fall in the graffiti within a group called « Zone Agréee Libertaire Eduquée ». This group invests, in the 2000s, the streets of Toulouse in a wild way for exhibitions and happening.
Initially street artist, Zalez dedicates itself to the work on painting on canvases in 2008, accumulating the exhibitions until be represented in England, Spain, Hungary and Hong-Kong among others. He develop his technics off drawing in color and concentrates on a work in a studio while pursuing his experimentation in the street. In 2012, the Gallery Berthéas opens him the doors of its gallery. Varying tools and media, Zalez experiments in a creative mixture: drawing, stencil, ink, acrylic paint and sculpture.
The Work of Zalez is concentrate around the identity of the woman into which he transposes a voluntarily provocating message. What seems in priori shocking and controversial show the originality of the artist. The nudity of the subject in positions sometimes.
« The nudity gives to smile, but it also shocks, it so keeps its power of attraction and curiosity. Even more when it shows in public space », express of the artist.
Putting its Work in a paradox between the classicism, the drawing and the approach of the Nude, and the contemporary urban design from which he draws techniques and modern denunciations, Zalez delivers us of pleasant provocations. A subtle balance between a classic esthetics and a reactive aim. Where the women take back full ownership of their body, the object in the object makes expanding of message, conveys a choice, a take part voluntary and not undergone by the public. Zalez Work in 2016 This Boots are made to walk is a fantastic street art Icon.

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