L.E.T. is a stencil artist born in France. The abbreviation L.E.T. is itemised as Les Enfants Terribles. His style is also traditional: his works quote the amusing, provocative and ironic english streetart. He gets inspired by other famous works, which he interprets on his own special way. He prefers a similar method during the process of creating: he focuses on the motiv, which has a strong symbolic meaning. He adopts various picture elements from different well-known works. By putting these pieces together in his oeuvre like in some kind of collage he gives them a new message or consistently develops the ideas of his colleagues. L.E.T.’s technique and figurative language also remind of the streetart-classics.Moreover L.E.T.’s art is filled up with social criticizm and uncovers the disgraces of our society based on consumption and hunger for enjoyment. L.E.T.’s art careeer is marked by group-exhibitions and streetart conventions all over the world. His consistently (constant) development as an artist was his way into the galleries, where the ephemeral streetart can be preserved for the public. For this work, he prefers such media as canvase, cardboard and wood, which are suitable for a gallery. This has no influence on his unmisteakable style.Year: 2015

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