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Annahita Hessami LMFAO at MOW

We saw Annahitas work of stained glass first time as U.K. – Artist Charles Uzzell Edwards aka Pure Evil and craftsperson Annahita Hessami made a commission artwork. Charles was in the Cut Glass Studio in London and he wondered what it would be like to recreate one of his artworks in stained glass.

Charles Uzzell Edwards

The pair got together and collaborated on reworking a stencil portrait Edwards had created of a double exposure of Audrey Hepburn and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. The resulting installation, Double Exposure Stained Glass in London Underground Light Box, can be found at Edwards’ Pure Evil Gallery in London where it will remain on show for three months.

MOW loved this work from Annahita Hessami so much and got in touch with Annahita.  Thomas from MOW visited Annahita in her London studio.

After seeing an image of one of Hessami’s stained glass pieces he thought it would be “awesome to try out” recreating some works in this medium.

Thomas from MOW chose in 2016 some iconic´s of happiness. . Annahita seems to have a contemporary edge while also having a real knowledge of the traditional aspects of stained glass.”

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