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Artist: Blek le Rat

Year: 2014

Title: Last Tango

Size: 160cm  x 120cm (62,99 x 47,24 inch)

Medium: Spraypaint on Canvas

Edition: 1/1

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1 in stock


Blek le Rat was born Xavier Prou in Paris, France in 1951.

The pioneer of graffiti writers in Europe, he was one of the first to use stencils for creating icons instead of writing his name. He was first exposed to graffiti in 1971, in New York, but didn’t start making his own until ten years later, in Paris. Inspired by a stenciled portrait of Mussolini he created a silhouette of a rat running along the streets, which quickly became recognized around Paris. Blek’s work has been exhibited in galleries around the world and featured in publications such as TIME Magazine, The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. In 2008, his first monograph, Blek le Rat – Getting Through Walls, was published by Thames + Hudson. In 2011, Art Publishing, Ltd. released Blek le Rat: 30 Year Anniversary Retrospective. Ministry of Walls Street Art Gallery – The Urban Art Broker – has fantastic Works from Blek le Rat. Blek le Rat is called: The Father of  Stencil Grafiti. Banksy says about Blek. “What i do, he have done 20 years before”.

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Ministry of Walls met Blek le Rat in Paris. He is such a famous Artist who live a little  bit outside with a fantastic workspace.  Everyone who see this knows: Here Lives the grandfather of stencil. So much artworks around him and his family. If you search for a special Blek le Rat. Speak with us. Not all our artworks are on the Website. A part is also at our Ministry of Walls Collection. The Collection contains the History of Streetart. Also with the Artist. Banksy, Dface, Nick Walker, Pure Evil, Faile, Shepard Fairey, c.mank, Francis Tucker, L.E.T., Lora Zombie, Otto Schade. All our Artist are an fantastic invest for the future. Come and have a look in our shop. You will like it.

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