SPQR Storetrek

//SPQR Storetrek

SPQR Storetrek

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Artist: SPQR

YEAR: 2013

TITLE: Storestrek

MEDIUM: spraypaint on canvas

SIZE: 52 x 20cm – 20,8″ x 7,8″ inch





SPQR Storetrek

SPQR is a Bristol based artist whose darkly humorous stencil work further develops the Banksy school of street art. The artist finds a distinctly individual, sometimes macabre, atmosphere in his work.

SPQR favours making social comment with his art, at times utilising a brutalist, and abrasive touch. Yet there is also a touch of whimsy and humour – the smiling young woman earlier in the post brings to mind the nudge-nudge of Carry On films.

SQPR has shown across the UK and in the USA.

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