Brian M. Viveros – El Champion


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Artist: Brian M. Viveros

Title: El Champion

Year: 2016

Size: 62 cm x 42 cm (24 inch x 16 inch)

Medium: Giclee fine art Print

Edition: 100

Signed: Yes

Framed: No

COA: Yes

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Brian M. Viveros – El Champion

The internationally famous artist Brian M. Viveros has a unique hand. His very detailed paintings with courageous beauties provoke a special poetry. His paintings are fighters and survivors of the war. The artist’s portraits show cult heroines who emerge from the battle as winners.

As a technical perfectionist, Brian Viveros’ oil, airbrush, acrylic and ink paintings are highly filled with pigments, brightness and depth, while his paintings are pointed and simple. In addition, the artist’s focus is more on focus points such as eyes, lips and skin. The paintings feel cinematic because they offer a suggestive impression of narrative and iconic motifs.

Work and exhibitions:

The recognition and exhibition of Viveros was promoted by his presence at a large group exhibition in Switzerland in 1997. Since then, Viveros’ works are famous in North America and Europe. The paintings of Brian M. Viveros mostly publish in print.

In addition to his painting, Brian M. Viveros has expanded his practice to include film. His short film Dislandia, which made its debut in 2005, deals with the hopeless, dreamy world of a young girl. The surreal psychodrama has images from the bizarre to the symbolic. “Southern”, Viveros’ first full-length surreal film, is also a highly stylized exploration. Other recent films are: “Tercio De Muerte” and little eleusinian secrets. Viveros’ cinematic work captures something strangely powerful and symbolic from the depths of our tense psyche, but holds us captive by an indisputably seductive urge to carry on.

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