Nick Flatt Cutout


ARTIST: Nick Flatt

YEAR: 2017

TITLE: Blah Blah Blah cutout

MEDIUM: Acrylicspray paint on aluminium and Polystyrene panel

SIZE: 140cm x 180cm




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Nick Flatt

In this era of consumerism and massive advertising, it takes a lot to see the most important things in life. His photorealistic painting fits in perfectly with the idea of the American Dream, because it allows him to replicate almost identical scenes from the commercials. He creates them in a way that does not create the desire for something. In fact, he creates a certain degree of discomfort. His pieces may seem provocative and vulgar, but the whole picture is hidden behind them. An image that criticizes all the bad things that happen today. As well as all the shattered dreams all over the world. Furthermore, all the injustices that are more present today than ever.

Flatt believes that ordinary people love photorealism. This is the kind of painting that is easiest for the eyes and has some kind of magic. He works with models that are physically very similar to those in mainstream advertising. Flatt addresses the viewer’s imagination and need for consumption. The idea is to exaggerate the messages in the commercials to the point of discomfort. By making aggressive sexual gestures, facial expressions and poses, all this perfection seems almost wrong.

His life:

Nick Flatt had a difficult childhood because his family lived in a caravan. However, like everyone else, the story of an American dream was accompanied by all the commercials. He studied at the San Francisco Academy of Art, but retired and returned home to live with his parents. Only by moving to Germany and looking at his home country from a distance he could see behind the commercials. The art scene in Berlin is different from that in the USA because there is not so much money involved. There is much more honesty between the artists and the support is unbelievable.

In recent years, Flatt has started working with others to create some amazing murals on the streets. In fact, his first Collab was 2014 with Cryptic and they made a mural of Andy Warhol in Los Angeles. It’s also a direction he’s going in simply decorating some neighborhoods.

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