Pookky Marilyn


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Artist: Pookky

Year: 2017

Title: Talk to me (Marilyn Monroe)

Size: 130 cm x 88,5 cm ( 51 x 34 inch)

Medium: Stencil spray paint mixed technique and collage on canvas

Edition: 1/1

Signed: yes

framed: no

COA: yes



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1 in stock


Pookky Marilyn

Pookky was born in Montlucon, France in 19972 and lives in Brittany. In his pictures he processes current events and one always finds icons of the time in his works, which he changes with humor and sexiness. He received special attention with the alienation of Marilyn Monroe. With these works he became known in the street art scene. Since 2010 he has been working with collages, fashion magazines, newspapers, advertisements and posters in his studio. He works on his works with spray paint and the brush. His large-format pictures are a feast for the eyes and are increasingly popular with collectors.

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