Prole – Kate Moss


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YEAR: 2009

MEDIUM: Screenprint on paper

SIZE: 15″x22″inch. – 56x38cm


Edition: 100

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Prole – Kate Moss

Prole is a British artist known for his work in different media. He creates canvas, T-shirts and screen prints. Moreover, he is a trained screen printer. His main focus is on large format, textile and traditional handmade work. While perfecting this profession, art was just a hobby – until 2008, when the global crisis hit.

Prole became a full-time artist and has grown quite well since then. His striking and humorous works of art are mostly combined with slogans and images. They include idols of popular culture such as Mickey Mouse and Kate Moss. Prole has exhibited together with Banksy, Goldie, Nick Walker and Eelus, to name a few.

In addition to exhibitions and studio work, he has also brought a number of T-shirts onto the market with his art. The artistic name Prole comes from the word proletariat, so often used in George Orwel’s 1984 book. The “Prolets” this year could have created a better world, but they were only interested in movies, football, beer and the lottery, which the state itself offers very well.


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