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Innerfields Tinder Maria


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ARTIST: Innerfields

TITLE: Tinder Maria

YEAR: 2017

MEDIUM: Spraypaint and gold leaf on canvas


SIZE: -160 x 120cm



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innerfields sees the world different with their eyes.  It’s a mission to adopt abandoned walls and spaces. Innerfields are three artists. The work from Innerfields in synergy and have gathered a decade’s worth of experience on various surfaces, creating their own style of urban design as a result of youthful and innocent expression.

The innovative Berlin-based pool of artists can rely on an extensive creative network, which enables them to offer full-scale design services. innerfields see their customers as partners every step of the way, from the initial briefing to the finished design. It’s part of the production process that customers are not just cared for, but are involved at all times – clients won’t be left until they are completely satisfied.   “Every wall is like one of our children; we look after it and treat it well.”

innerfields labour of love began 10 years ago – our philosophy is that we care passionately about everything we do and we know all the tricks of the trade to make it work. We use diverse media and styles, ranging from spray can to gold leaf, from realism to abstract design and from interior walls to huge house fronts.

Our mature approach and the interaction of different materials stand out from the ordinary – we create new forms and artistic worlds. The three artists are committed to working on projects within any area and at every scale. We can handle sociocultural and spatial problems and are ready to take on new challenges. A fresh approach and a focus on the task at hand are important to everyone at innerfields – they make it possible for us to react to our surroundings and change the living environment. Ministry of Walls Street Art Gallery – The Urban Art Broker has excelent contacts to the artist. Ask uns for your project. You can buy some wonderful originals in our Streetart shop.

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