Marco Battaglini – Strongest People

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Artist: Marco Battaglini

Title: Strongest People

Year: 2015

Size: 94 cm x 100 cm (37 inch x 39 inch)

Medium: Digital – Airbrush – Acrylic

Edition: 1

Signed: Yes

Framed: No

COA: Yes


Marco Battaglini – Strongest People

Italian artist Marco Battaglini introduces classical paintings to modern art in his series of works “Art Pop Classic”. Battaglini’s works come from Verona, a city in Italy best known for the dramatic love story of Romeo and Juliet. Yet it is also known for its rich history, art and culture. It is a reminder of the composition of the Renaissance with classical figures and themes. Wonderfully mixing a wide range of genres, styles and references, his dramatic plays combine classical beauty with anti-aesthetics. Marco Battaglini – Strongest People

His life:

Marco Battaglini, born in 1969, graduates from the Accademia di Belle Arti, Venezia in 1994. Battaglini developed a special interest in the various movements of the twentieth century. Surrealism in general is reflected in his work. In his practice, Battaglini removes the boundaries between classical art and popular art, between fine art and mass culture.

His work:

At first glance, the compositions in Battaglini’s pictures seem “logical”. But on closer inspection, the viewer realizes that they are full of temporal and spatial conflicts. Classical paintings are combined with elements of pop culture and urban art. The artist combines the classically portrayed key motifs with a modern street art background. Classic figures – goddesses, muses, angels and kings – are often shown with tattooed bodies and placed in front of walls covered with graffiti art. Symbols of Western civilization and elements of Pop Art – especially those referring to the works of Warhol and Lichtenstein – form a balanced mixture that forces the viewer to rethink relevant values in our modern reality. Marco Battaglini – Strongest People

Marco Battaglini removes the original visual language of Renaissance pieces from the traditional scene and places them in city environments. In this way the pictures gains new life and new meaning. Renaissance angels holding each other in front of a wall decorated with graffiti, or muses associated with the eroticism of Marilyn Monroe. These are just some of Battaglini’s fusions of classical art with Pop Art. Each of his paintings offers a number of details that allow the viewer to discover secret meanings. Marco Battaglini – Strongest People

Marco Battaglini lives and works in Costa Rica.

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