Otto Schade Artworks at Ministry of Walls.
Otto Schade, a Chilean artist, takes us to this ethereal world that teeters between the surreal and abstract, opening his audience’s mind to the oniric. Born on October 30, 1971, Otto Schade’s journey as a prominent artist started with his blossoming career as both an architect and urban sculptor. From this arose a passion for painting, which he has been partaking in since 1996. This ardor for the art itself has resulted in various solo exhibits around the world from Chile, Germany, the United States, England, Japan, the Netherlands, Russia and Paris.


Otto Schade’s paintings consist of two main types: those based in the surreal and those that are abstract in nature. When painting, his preferred mediums are canvas, paper, boards, and walls.

He has also experimented with collages and graffiti, which are so impeccably clean, detailed, and well-defined due to his intricate use of coloring, shading, and line work.

It is this complex use of lines that brings to life the specific image being depicted in his work, whether it be a simple figure to more iconic images such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup can.

Otto Schade utilizes both bright and darker color palettes to highlight his image, delving into more personal and metaphorical figures while incorporating sharp, ironic touches throughout.

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